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I commit to NOT starting on Monday

How many times have you promised yourself to start on Monday?

Whether it's a diet, or starting a new workout, we have a tendency to put it off. What we are actually saying is, this is not a priority in my life right now. We have to change this MINDSET. We have to stop putting things onto Monday, when we know it will turn into the next Monday, and then the next, and then the next! If you want to change your health, and your life, you need to stop putting if off, and start NOW! The NOW mindset is the one that will help you win. So decide if you want to do this, and then jump in with both feet.

Here are 5 Tips to help you correct that Monday Mindset: 1) Stop making it BIGGER than it actually is. We put things off when they feel big and scary. But what is so scary about eating better, or sweating a little? I suggest make it SMALLER. Tell yourself food is just fuel, so think of it as what will give you energy or slow you down. And exercise is a tool to help us sweat it out and do something good for our organs. So take it as just that, and stop thinking of it as anything more. When we make it big and scary and start attaching expectations to these steps we take in life, they can get so overwhelming that we give up even before we started.

2) Stop using weight loss as the only reason you would exercise or eat clean!

It is not uncommon for me to receive comments about my food choices or my exercise routine. These comments are usually along the lines of "oh just have another slice of cake, you won't gain weight from a bit more". Or things like "why do you need to workout, you are already thin!" This negative connection of food or exercise to weight loss can actually deter you from your goals. Food is fuel. It gives us energy and keeps our organs functioning in a healthy manner. Exercise does the same! It not only helps our organs but helps us detox and release endorphins into our body so we actually feel happier! Stop telling yourself you are doing this to lose weight (even if you are initially!) And start telling yourself you are doing this to get HEALTHIER - without looking at the scale or your current dress size.

3) Don't use food as a reward I have seen this so many times. "I ate some cake because I was so good all week". "I had some pizza because my workout was really tough, I deserve this". Again, it comes back to our relationship with food. Food should not be a reward. If you want cake or pizza, eat it because that's what you feel like having, not because you feel like you earned it. Many times this thought process stems from a childhood experience of being rewarded with treats when we did something "good" like cleaning our rooms, or doing well on a school test. We are humans, not dogs. Food is not and should not be a reward.

4) Stop thinking about all the times you failed. This is a big one. It is very easy to feel defeated, and not even choose to take that first step due to a negative past experience.

Subconscious thoughts like: "I failed last time too." "This is not going to work." "What's the point?" These are all reasons we just can't commit to starting, when there's so much negative energy and negative thoughts surrounding us. So stop thinking "what if I fail again?" and start believing you can succeed! What you tell yourself, how you speak to yourself, and about yourself, that energy can dictate what direction your journey goes. Keep it positive. Encourage yourself. Be hopeful.

5) Get help where you need it. There is no shame is getting some assistance to help achieve your health goals. It doesn't mean you are a failure, or not good enough. What it does mean is that you are being brave enough to reach out to someone who is an expert in this field, to help guide you and get you the best results. To me, that makes far more sense than just winging it and hoping that it works. If you had a broken leg, would you go to a doctor to get help? Or would you Google it or ask a friend to help you fix it? As silly as it sounds, that’s exactly what so many do when it comes to taking steps towards getting healthier. And I totally get it! I was one of those people! Back when I was overweight, I tried ever fad diet, every latest thing that I heard of. Whether it was a workout video, or a soup diet, I did it. And usually I heard it from someone else who didn't know what they were really doing either. I also hired a personal trainer, who told me what to do in the gym, but had no knowledge of the foods I should be eating. In case you haven't heard, your fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise! Your journey starts in the kitchen.

I hope this helps you in your first steps to getting healthier! The first step is always the hardest, but if you do it with the right mindset and support, it makes the journey easier, and a lot more fun too! If you are looking for support in hitting your health goals, and would like guidance and accountability, do get in touch! As a Certified Health Coach, it would be an honour to help you reach your goals! #fitness #health #weightloss #exercise #nutrition

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